Frequently Asked Questions

About Happy Dot is an online platform that encourages Singapore Residents to share their views on social and public issues through online surveys.

The topics can range from healthcare, education, and the economy to lifestyle, the media and many more!

Whenever has a new online survey, an email invitation will be sent to HappyDotters who we think are eligible to answer. HappyDotters can complete the survey by following the link included in the invitation, or by logging into their account on

For every survey completed, HappyDotters will earn HappyPoints which can be accumulated in exchange for tokens of appreciation in the form of vouchers. was created with the objective of reaching out to all Singapore Residents to share their views on living in this dot we call home.

By conducting social research with Singapore Residents about the things that affect them, we aim to draw meaningful insights about Singapore life today and how it can be improved tomorrow. is a local online community for Singapore Residents to share their views about social and public issues. The surveys on help us understand what people think and feel, in order to create a better Singapore.

Some surveys are conducted on behalf of organisations with an interest in specific social issues. Others are for us to provide a good sense of how Singapore Residents like yourself feel about a range of everyday topics.

HappyDotters will be given exclusive access to some of these research findings. From time to time, these will be released either via emails to our HappyDotters, or published on the members-only section of our website. is happy to receive any enquires that you have. You can fill up the Contact Us form, or email us directly at We will try to get back to you within three working days.


Any Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident above 15 years of age with a valid email account is eligible to sign up.

Thank you for helping to spread the word!

Anyone interested in becoming a HappyDotter can register their interest with us. Existing members can also refer their friends through the referral campaigns that are run on our HappyDotters’ portal from time to time.

Registration is totally free! In fact, each complete survey submitted to will earn HappyPoints which can be exchanged for rewards.

Your point of view is valuable!

Participating in Surveys

We try to keep our surveys short. An average survey takes about 8 - 15 minutes to complete, depending on the topic.

Rest assured that we will only send you emails that we think are necessary. These include notifications and reminders about new surveys, or information about results and happenings. On average, you may expect to receive about 2 - 3 survey invitations per week.

You can opt out of our emails at any time – instructions are included in our emails as well as in our HappyDotters’ FAQ. conducts surveys about anything that touches the lives of Singapore Residents. See our surveys page for some examples.

Surveys are usually in the form of multiple choice questions. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers and HappyDotters are simply encouraged to answer honestly. Each survey typically takes 8 - 15 minutes to complete.

Points and Rewards

For each complete survey submitted, HappyDotters are awarded with HappyPoints. Depending on the topic and the length of the survey, the HappyPoints awarded may differ. The number of points you can earn for the survey is included on the survey invitation.

HappyPoints can be used to redeem rewards in the form of vouchers. See our rewards page for examples of rewards currently available.

There is no limit to the number of HappyPoints you can collect over time. The rule of thumb is: the more complete surveys you submit to, the more HappyPoints you earn!

Data Verification, Privacy and Protection abides by the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012 and is committed to protecting the personal information of our HappyDotters. We will not share your information with any 3rd party without your permission, and we will not sell your personal data or contact details to anyone.

See our Privacy Policy for more information. adheres to social research standards and ethics, which includes protecting the identities of our research respondents. Any personal information we have collected from you is kept strictly confidential and HappyDotters will not be individually tagged to their survey responses.

Some of the research on may involve analysing the demographic and/or household information you provide to us during registration or as part of your account profile. In these cases, your personal information is separated from your survey answers and the data de-identified before analysis. is dedicated to being a platform for Singapore Residents to share their views through online surveys. We collect personal and demographic information for three important purposes:

  • To ensure that there are no duplicate accounts or HappyDotters who don’t satisfy our membership criteria, as this could ultimately compromise the integrity of the research.
  • To make sure that the right surveys go to the right people. Understanding your profile will ensure that we do not send surveys to members who are not eligible to receive them – for example, sending a survey about childcare options to someone without young children.
  • To ensure we gather inputs from all profiles of Singapore Residents, so that the research reflects the views of Singapore Residents from all walks of life.
Collecting this information is critically important to ensure the feedback and research on genuinely reflects what Singapore Residents think.

Please rest assured that the privacy and confidentiality of our HappyDotters’ personal data is important to us, and we adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012 as well as social research standards and ethics.

See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Our surveys will never ask you for your NRIC number, your bank account number, any credit card details or any other similar sensitive information. If you click on a link in an email invitation that seems to be from and get asked for any of this information, you might be the subject of a phishing attack. Please let us know immediately and do not complete the survey. is very serious about ensuring the eligibility of our HappyDotters and the accuracy of our data. conducts verification checks during registration and from time to time to ensure that:

  • There are no HappyDotters who don’t satisfy our membership criteria, and no duplicate or automated / bot registrations, accounts, or data.
  • Members that sign up are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.
  • Incentives and rewards are delivered to the correct individual.
We are also very serious about protecting your confidential information. Please note that:
  • Verification checks are only conducted by authorised representatives.
  • You may confirm the credentials of our authorised representatives by contacting us at
For your protection, please also note that and our authorised representatives do not:
  • Request for your bank account or credit card information.
  • Record or retain your NRIC number.