Share your thoughts, contribute to research, earn rewards!

The rules are that simple. Here’s how it works.

On a regular basis, survey invitations are sent to HappyDotters by email. The invitation includes details about the survey, such as:

  • the survey topic,
  • the estimated time needed for the survey and
  • the number of points awarded for completing the survey.
  • the expiry date of the survey, if any.

Participation is voluntary, but you must be a HappyDotter. Surveys can be answered by following the link included in the invitation, or by logging into your account on

With every completed survey, HappyDotters are awarded with HappyPoints. These points can be accumulated and exchanged for a variety of rewards.

The more surveys you do, the more HappyPoints you get! Surveys may close early once enough responses are received, so be quick!

If you would like to become a HappyDotter, register your interest today.