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  3. No warranties and limitation of liability

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    Nothing herein will exclude or limit:

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  4. Indemnity

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  5. Unenforceable provisions

    If any provision herein is, or is found to be, unenforceable under applicable law, that will not affect the enforceability of the other provisions herein.

  6. Breaches of these Terms

    Without prejudice to the rights of HappyDot.sg otherwise under these Terms, if User breaches these Terms in any way HappyDot.sg may take such action as HappyDot.sg deems appropriate to deal with the breach, including suspending or terminating User’s access to the Website, blocking computers using User’s IP address from accessing the Website, contacting User’s Internet Service Provider to request that they block User’s access to the Website and/or bringing court proceedings against User.

  7. Variation

    HappyDot.sg may revise these Terms at any time and from time to time. Revised terms and conditions will apply to this use of this Website from the date of publication by HappyDot.sg of the revised terms and conditions on this Website. Please check regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version of the terms and conditions for this Website.

  8. Entire agreement

    Except where User is a HappyDotter (in which case additional terms apply to their membership of HappyDot.sg), these Terms constitute the entire agreement between User and HappyDot.sg in relation to User’s use of this Website.

  9. Law and jurisdiction

    These Terms are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and any disputes relating to them will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Singapore.

HappyDotter Terms and Conditions

Welcome to HappyDot.sg. HappyDot.sg is an online platform focused on understanding social trends and public opinion through conducting online surveys with Singapore Residents. HappyDot.sg seeks to understand what Singapore Residents think, feel and do.

These terms and conditions form a Membership Agreement (this “Membership Agreement“) between us and each HappyDotter who meets our eligibility criteria and provides us with demographic information, household information and survey data – see our Privacy Policy for details. The Membership Agreement with a HappyDotter comes into effect the first time we send that HappyDotter a survey invitation.

HappyDotters are eligible to earn membership reward points, known as HappyPoints. If you are not a HappyDotter, but are interested in becoming one, please register your interest today. The verification and registration process is described in section 1 of our Privacy Policy.

  1. Eligibility for HappyDot.sg membership

    In this Membership Agreement we refer to individuals who join HappyDot.sg as HappyDotters.

    There is no membership or registration fee payable to become a HappyDotter, but an individual must be:

    • either a Singapore Citizen (holding a pink NRIC) or a Singapore Permanent Resident (holding a blue NRIC) and
    • at least 15 years old and
    • have a valid and unique email account (not shared with any other individual)

    By submitting your information to us through our website, you are promising us that the above is true and correct. If at any time we become aware that it is not correct, we will have no choice but to terminate your membership of HappyDot.sg. If this happens, you will forfeit any HappyPoints that you have earned and not redeemed, or any rewards redeemed but not yet processed or delivered to you, at the time of termination.

  2. Conditions of HappyDot.sg membership

    1. As a HappyDotter:

      • you may have only one membership and/or account of HappyDot.sg and
      • you cannot transfer your membership and/or account of HappyDot.sg to any other person and must not try to do so
    2. As a HappyDotter, you must not share your HappyDotter username and/or password with anyone else and must not allow anyone else:

      • to complete any survey that HappyDot.sg invites you to complete or
      • to otherwise take your place, or try to take your place, as a HappyDotter.

      Whenever you know or suspect that someone else has done either of the above two things or that there has been some other breach of your security as a HappyDotter, you must notify HappyDot.sg immediately by sending an email to enquiry@happydot.sg.

    3. HappyDot.sg may terminate your membership of HappyDot.sg (which will include disabling your username and password), and you will lose any HappyPoints that you have earned and not redeemed, or any rewards redeemed but not yet processed or delivered to you, at the time of termination:

      • if HappyDot.sg has reasonable grounds to believe that you have not kept your personal data and other information given to HappyDot.sg accurate, complete and up-to-date – the ways this can be done are described in section 2i of our Privacy Policy or
      • if anything prohibited by section 2i or 2ii of this Membership Agreement occurs or HappyDot.sg reasonably believes that it has occurred or if you fail to comply with the Code of Conduct of HappyDot.sg (see section 4 of this Membership Agreement)
      • if HappyDot.sg becomes aware that you have, or appear to have:

        • reposted or otherwise shared the results of any of our surveys that we provide to our HappyDotters exclusively and/or
        • breached your confidentiality obligation under section 5 of this Membership Agreement – in this case, HappyDot.sg may also have the right to take legal action against you and reserves the right to do so notwithstanding that it has exercised its remedy of terminating your membership of HappyDot.sg
      • subject to HappyDot.sg contacting you first to let you know that you are at risk of termination, if you have not completed at least two surveys in the most recent calendar year in addition to the registration and profile update surveys that HappyDot.sg sends to you
      • if HappyDot.sg decides to stop operating its online platform – in this case, HappyDot.sg will give you reasonable notice by email or text so that if you have accumulated HappyPoints that you are entitled to redeem, you have an opportunity to redeem them
      • if HappyDot.sg decides in its sole discretion to terminate your membership for any other reason
    4. As a HappyDotter you can terminate your membership of HappyDot.sg at any time by:

      • going to the “My Profile” page on the HappyDot.sg website and deactivating your account or
      • sending an email to enquiry@happydot.sg telling us that you wish to terminate your membership – in this case HappyDot.sg may require proof of your identity

      If you have accumulated HappyPoints that you are entitled to redeem, please remember to redeem them and ensure you have received your vouchers before you terminate your membership of HappyDot.sg. You will lose any HappyPoints that you have earned and not redeemed, or any rewards redeemed but not yet processed or delivered to you, at the time of termination.

  3. HappyPoints

    1. As a HappyDotter, you may earn HappyPoints by a variety of methods and at different rates. This includes participating in surveys and other member activities initiated by HappyDot.sg.
    2. When HappyDot.sg invites you to participate in a survey or other member activity (such as referring a friend to HappyDot.sg) we will notify you of the HappyPoints available for you to earn if you complete the survey or other activity successfully and within any applicable time limit.

      The frequency of these opportunities and the HappyPoints available to be earned are at the sole discretion of HappyDot.sg. The number and method of earning HappyPoints for any particular survey or other activity does not indicate anything about HappyPoints in connection with a subsequent survey or activity, even if it is exactly the same.

      As a HappyDotter, your participation in a survey or any other member activity is voluntary. Similarly, HappyDot.sg is not under an obligation to provide you with any particular number of opportunities, or any opportunities at all, to participate in a survey or other member activity.

    3. You will earn HappyDot.sg for surveys and other activities only if you:

      1. complete the survey response or other activity and
      2. submit the complete survey response or complete the activity before any expiry or closing date stated in the invitation to you to participate in it

      HappyDot.sg may close a survey without notice when it has received a sufficient number of responses. As such it is best not to delay your response, including by partly completing a survey with an intention of fully completing it later. HappyDot.sg does not award partial HappyPoints for a survey response given partly before the closing date (or expiry date) of a survey.

      HappyDot.sg will try to provide you with support if you have any technical difficulties in completing a survey or carrying out any other activity where you may earn HappyPoints. However, if the survey or other activity expires or closes before the difficulty is fixed (including if it might be the fault of HappyDot.sg that it is not fixed by that time), you will not earn any HappyPoints for that survey or activity.

    4. The rewards shown on the HappyDot.sg website indicate the type, range and variety of rewards that your HappyPoints may be exchanged for. Please understand that sometimes we are not able to provide a reward shown on our website, including because it has been particularly popular and has become ‘sold out’. HappyDot.sg always wants to keep its HappyDotters happy, but we reserve the right to substitute advertised rewards with something of equivalent value at our discretion.
    5. As a HappyDotter, you can redeem your HappyPoints only when you have reached the relevant redemption tier – for the redemption tiers and any relevant conditions at any time, please go to rewards or the HappyDotter FAQ.
    6. If HappyDot.sg reasonably believes that there is or has been a technical malfunction, a technical error, a fraud or another irregularity, it has the right to alter the number of HappyPoints earned by a HappyDotter at any time. However, HappyDot.sg will not do so without first notifying you by email.

    7. If at any time and from time to time a HappyDotter is liable for any income tax on or in relation to any rewards obtained by redeeming HappyPoints, it is the sole responsibility of the HappyDotter and, consequently, HappyDot.sg has no liability to the HappyDotter or any other person in connection with such income tax.

  4. HappyDotter Code of Conduct:

    HappyDot.sg is an online community with the explicit intent of reaching out to Singapore Residents to hear about their thoughts on issues relevant to living in Singapore. As a member of the community, there are certain rules that HappyDotters must observe for the benefit of all participants:

    • be courteous in all interactions with fellow HappyDotters or with HappyDot.sg personnel
    • take each survey seriously and do not give answers that HappyDot.sg concludes in its sole discretion are simply meant to expedite HappyPoints accumulation – HappyDot.sg has the right to withhold HappyPoints in these circumstances
    • do not resell, barter, trade or otherwise attempt to use HappyDot.sg or HappyPoints as a means of earning income from other HappyDotters
    • do not use any form of automated means, such as any robot, spider or scraper, to access or extract data from the HappyDot.sg website.
    • See section 2iii of this Membership Agreement for the consequences of failing to comply with this Code of Conduct.

  5. Confidentiality of HappyDot.sg content, information and surveys

    All surveys and information that HappyDot.sg provides to you as a HappyDotter are confidential and/or the proprietary information of HappyDot.sg or, where relevant, a third party such as a client of HappyDot.sg that has asked it to undertake the survey. This confidential and/or proprietary information includes the survey design in its entirety, including the subject matter of the survey, and the content, specifications and instructions of the survey.

    As a HappyDotter:

    • you agree to keep such confidential and/or proprietary information confidential, not talk about it with, or show it to, any individual whatsoever and to use it only for the purpose of completing the survey and
    • you must not reproduce, publish, distribute, share, use or make reference to any such confidential and/or proprietary information for any other purpose whatsoever without the prior clear and unambiguous consent in writing given by HappyDot.sg for that specific purpose
  6. Amendment of the Membership Agreement

    HappyDot.sg may amend the terms of this Membership Agreement at any time and from time to time. If it intends to do so, however, it will notify all HappyDotter by email to the email address on “My Profile” at the time of notification. HappyDot.sg will give not less than 10 business days’ notice of any such amendment, except where the amendment needs to be effected more quickly for a reasonably legal or business purpose.